F6 Silver. Boy

This F6 silver boy was born March 26th, 2023, currently available. This is a super sweet little purr box who loves to curl up in my lap!

Price : $1500.00

Bashful (Past Kitten)

Bashful is not as advanced on his lap training as his brothers. He is a little shy, but he is growing out of it and spending more time in laps! He has the cutest face, and the long, lanky body of the Serval.

Doc (Past Kitten)

Super lovey lap cat in training! Fabulous purr. Doc has one of the best Serval headsets of the litter! He is a very friendly kitten that enjoys playing with toys and laying in your lap.

Happy (Past Kitten)

Happy lives up to his name. Advanced in his lap training, and almost identical to his brother Doc! Like his brother Doc, he has one of the best Serval headsets in the litter. He is a ray of sunshine!

Sleepy (Sold)

Sleepy is a very chatty lovey kitten! Will sleep in your lap for hours on end.

Snazzy (Not For Sale)

Snazzy is a shoulder kitty! Loves being in your space, and wrapped around your neck. She is certainly the petite one of her litter, but she has a giant purrsonality.

Snow White (Sold)

Snow White is a very rare, beautiful silver color. She has the Serval long body, legs, and absolutely big ears! She enjoys playing with toys and talking to her people!

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